A *Grand* Rescue

If I could sum up the last month in just a few words they would be: uphill battle. No, this isn’t my inner pessimistic expert talking here. Each of the last 27 days has had multiple challenges to greet me, sometimes before the sun even begins to warm my face, many of them beginning with a certain toddler who has a love/hate relationship with his new baby sister.

I feel like my family has been the continuous recipient of some Grand Rescues. I say Grand, because we’ve had all four of the grandparents visit our home at one point or another in the last month and it has been absolutely wonderful!

I’ve always loved having my mom around when a new baby arrives, and this time has been no exception. Momma was here for 17 days after Baby K’s birth. She cooked, cleaned, shopped, transported, played, chatted, watched, mentored, loved, and snuggled. It’s the longest she’s ever been in town and I keep scheming ways to get her back out here for another lengthy visit. I’m not sure who enjoys her more, the kids or me!


Gramma & her first granddaughter. I love that Baby K *looks* like she’s smiling at Gramma. 😉

My dad came out for a couple of days to help us celebrate Christmas, and I always love watching when he gets goofy with my boys. It warmed my heart. And then he held my baby girl, and I watched him melt.

Most recently my in-laws drove to our rescue last weekend when we suddenly had to take Baby K to the ER after realizing she had RSV. They just ended their two week shift as house parents who work 24-hour shifts caring for a house full of girls aged 7-13. We called to tell them our situation just to let them know what was going on and they offered to come out knowing they’d be trapped by the snow/ice when they arrived. Normally they would have gone straight to bed to hibernate for 12 hours from sheer exhaustion. I nearly cried from relief and gratitude when my hubs told me their offer especially since I had been wishing for their presence at the exact same moment.

The Grands have been our cheerleaders while Baby K and I have been working super hard to fatten her up. See this post for why. Each time we had a weight check I call the Grands with Baby K’s progress and listen to them share in our delight. They are equally as excited about her gains as Stephen and I are. When I struggled through long nights of every-three-hour feedings, they encouraged me and picked up the slack by waking early to cook breakfast, intercepting some of those tantrums, and even folding mountains of laundry.


The G-Daddy and his first granddaughter. She was so tiny in his hands!

Grands to the rescue. I love that my mom had the opportunity to come out and take care of my family as my body, mind, and spirit recovered from delivery. I love that my dad took time from his work to visit for a few days to meet our little girl (his first granddaughter) and celebrate the holidays with us. I love that my in-laws’ job has them living less than two hours away and that they jumped at the opportunity to take care of our family when we so desperately needed them. The love our parents have for us and demonstrated for us in the last month reminds me of another rescue. A Grand-er one, if you will.

Every single day I need to be rescued from myself. Every day. I know that I can’t even survive the day on my own; I don’t have the strength within myself to do it regardless of how much positive talk I lavish upon my mind. On days when my heart and mind are focused, I remember to fix my thoughts and hope upon Jesus. Why? He is God incarnate, the One who laid aside His glory to become a man and live among us. Not only did He live, but He lived and faced every temptation without giving into any sin at all. How I wish I could go one hour with that same accomplishment! Jesus obeyed His Father at all times and that included making Himself the ultimate sacrifice to pay for all of my misdeeds and disobedience against God the Creator. He took my punishment of forever death in hell and He says that to all who receive Him, to those who believe in His name, He will give them the right to become children of God. (John 1:12) My parents and in-laws rescued my family and I from daily stresses, from exhaustion, and from having to worry about so many things so that we could take care of our new little one. BUT, Jesus offers a rescue that is beyond my comprehension. He offers to rescue me from eternal separation from the God who created me and loves me more than I grasp. May I daily be in awe of this sacrifice and rescue so that I will fix my eyes on Jesus, the author and perfecter of my faith.


Popeye reading to the Tiny Banana.

Thank you, Daddy, for making time to trek out here and hang out with this noisy family. Thank you for loving on my boys even when they couldn’t keep their busy fingers still long enough to finish a board game.

Thank you, Momma, for how graciously you served my family. Those were the best 17 days ever. I’m not sure I can adequately express to you how precious those days were and how I can’t wait for more of them. Thanks for teaching me the Sunshine song when I was a little girl…it lulls mine to sleep, too.

Thank you, Gene & Dayna, my out-laws in love, for dropping everything and coming to another (!) noisy house when you could have just stayed in your nice warm apartment to rest in silence and peace. You say you invaded my home, but it was a delight to have you here and a comfort when our world was shaken with Baby K’s sickness. And thanks for showing me that boiled stew meat is still tasty. 😉


Nanny & Baby K.

My gratitude for you overflows, and I love you.


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