Two Little Ears

This little baby went to doctor. 
This little baby went home.
This little baby was given antibiotics.
This little baby took them four times.
And this poor, little baby suffered four ear infections in less than six months.

Lame, I know. It doesn’t even rhyme, haha! I’ve never been gifted with poetry. The story is true, though. My Tiny Banana did indeed have multiple and consecutive ear infections that seemed unending. We went through four rounds of antibiotics, one of which was because the infection was unresponsive in one of his ears. Sadness. Unlike his older two brothers, TB has been on antibiotics only one other time in his short life, and that was when he had a severe stomach virus that had him hospitalized at 7 weeks old. (Boy, was that super fun.)


He’s trying to aim, but I think he might miss.

So here’s the deal: I’m a super big fan of doing what you can without antibiotics if at all possible, and that includes taking measures to naturally boost one’s immunity to help prevent illness. Quite frankly we’re seeing more and more cases of antibiotic-resistant health issues in the United States, plus antibiotics are not really great for the flora in your intestines. So as a family we frequently diffuse our Thieves and Purification to kill airborne yuck, and sometimes (when my Mommy-brain isn’t completly drained) we remember to roll-on our mixture of Thieves and oregano to our feet to bolster that immune system.

know I’m not the only momma out there who feels incredibly defeated when she can’t figure out what’s wrong with the baby/child. TB isn’t even two years old. He can tell me when his diaper needs to be changed, but he can’t always tell me where he’s hurting and why. So I’m stuck playing the guessing game with a kiddo who has never really tugged on his ears and rarely runs a fever. Is the runny/cloudy nose from the yellow haze falling from the pine trees, or is a cold? Is he excessively fussy because he needs a nap, or is he having a growth spurt, or is it because he doesn’t feel well? It’s overwhelming. On top of all that, I’m not a physician. So although I totally feel comfortable oiling up when I’m sick and drinking ACV with the “mother” and eating chunks of garlic (ew), TB is just a baby, and I don’t know how babies do with all of those natural methods.

Anyhow, even though I hated putting my baby on antibiotics, I did it anyway because it seemed like the best thing to do. Fast forward a bit, and by the fourth round I asked to see the ENT who had seen Medium Banana four years prior. On the very day that we went in, I breathed a sigh of relief when he agreed that TB was a good candidate for tubes, and we went in for the 5-minute procedure three days later. I’m hoping and praying that his ears respond the same way his brothers did: not another ear infection ever again. I’m also hoping that no more antibiotics also means no more 3-wakings-per-night anymore; I’m exhausted.


Night before surgery. Stuffing the belly and staying up late.

I’m thankful for my pediatrician who has never scoffed at my use of essential oils. They’re legit. There’s an oil for everything, and I’ll happily try them first (emergencies aside) and even in conjunction with modern medical treatments when I get the go-ahead from our pediatrician. (I’m also thankful that at least two of the Dr.’s in our office are also YL oily users.)

I’m thankful that my sons’ ENT remembered us even from four years ago as did several of his amazingly beautiful staff members. They’re kind, patient, and so sweet. Dr. Holmes is a fabulous listener, and he takes the time to explain things as well.

I’m thankful my neighbor Sarah watched my eldest two boys at the butt-crack of dawn (yes, that’s what I call it) while Stephen and I took the Tiny Banana to get his tubes. I’m thankful for my friend Caroline who brought us dinner that night. I’m thankful that my husband heard my cries of exhaustion two nights prior to surgery and took off the whole day of work to help in the recoup process (I didn’t even have to ask!).


Play thing of choice at the center was a purple glove with stickers. Oh what fun!

And yes, I’m thankful for my crazy voodoo snake oils that have so far removed us from frequent doctor visits and medication uses with the exception of this recent adventure. My husband even asked me today if I found it ironic the way he now uses more oils on a daily basis than I do, and he was the skeptic who made me research for a month before he would let me take the plunge. And now, while I’m using them to help TB’s body regroup post-op, the same oils are simultaneously providing him relief from those dreaded 2-year molars that seem to be cropping up. Yay. At least they’re the last ones for the next four years or so.


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