A Song In My Heart

Have you ever wished, I mean really wished that life was more like a real-live musical where folks randomly bust out into song-and-dance numbers throughout the day? Yep, me, too. I love music. I love musicals. I love to sing. Dancing, however, is something I do only around my husband and children–it’s awkward. Think Carlton from “Fresh Prince”. Well…maybe not that awkward.


My absolute favorite musical of all time. If I could perform any musical, this would be it.


Music fuels me. I turn it on in the mornings while I cook breakfast before anyone else wakes up, and the lyrics help me rejoice in the beginning of the day–you know, so I’m not quite such a grumpster when my minions flood out of their room with loudness. When my heart is burdened with fret and worry, I read Scriptures and pray, but sometimes I need to put it all to music. When I’m super excited about something, I sing. Sometimes I twirl around wishing I was Maria atop that hill in Austria. I. Love. Music.

music psalm

I often find myself in the Psalms reading and highlighting and underlining and notating. There are many an outlet for every emotion, mood, situation. I love that God provided poetry and music as tools for expression!

We all appreciate having an outlet for our creativity, whatever it may be. There is always a way to share what you love so that others can (hopefully!) experience the same joy you felt while you were putting together your creation. These last six years I have stood in the congregation with my husband and my two eldest boys as we sing and recite liturgy during church. Stephen and I have been teaching them how to participate in the service, and that has been quite an undertaking. For six years I have been content–most of the time–to be in the congregation. I have longed for the opportunity to be part of the praise team as they lead the congregation in singing songs of worship to our Savior Jesus, not because I desire praise but because music is so much a part of how I express my heart and soul.

A month ago my husband and I agreed that it was now okay for me to talk to the music minister about whether or not there was an opportunity for me to serve the church body through singing in the praise team. Two Sundays ago I was blessed and overwhelmed with excitement to step on stage as part of that team. Singing with the praise team has given me a mode of expression for my heart. The joy of being able to share the treasure of my heart through song with my brothers and sisters in Christ is incredible. I don’t care if I never sing a solo, because the spotlight is not what I’m after. Truly I feel at home there on the stage singing praises to Jesus, smiling at my friends and using every ounce of who I am to illustrate the awesomeness, the greatness of our God. Each Sunday I can hardly believe that this opportunity has finally arrived. It’s a joy and a pleasure, and the music that fills my heart every moment of the day can spill out in a flood. It feels like home to be there, and I praise God for it!

P.S. I must give thanks also to my gracious husband. I call him the morning grizzly bear because he’d rather stay up all night than wake up early. He must wake up early and get the children to church on his own since I leave an hour earlier than they do. Thanks for your sacrifice, baby. I love you.



  1. Larissa Arias · February 9, 2016

    Awesome! I am always amazed at the Psalms and I spend a lot of time in there too. They are so honest.


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