I have a friend overseas who uses this hashtag often, and I love it. She’s right. Simple is good.

So why is it that we overlook the simple things? I’ve been scanning my horizons looking for outstanding reasons to be thankful, but my friend Brittany reminded me a few days ago that we can be equally encouraged by remembering the smaller things in life.

How many of them do we overlook or miss in our hurry to get to the bigger events and milestones? Right before Brittany and I had that conversation, I had made myself a cup of hot tea. I L-O-V-E drinking hot tea. It warms me from the inside. Plus, I constantly have cold hands, and it’s great to have something toasty to hold. Sharing that cup of tea with someone else is even better. I so enjoy having friends over for tea (hey! quality time is one of my love languages!).


Even my boys love hot tea, or in this case hot chocolate.

Just this morning while prepping part of our science lesson I asked my 7yo to draw with his baby brother who is 19-1/2 months. The little one had one of those fat pencils, and the big one was trying to teach him how to draw shapes. He did it with such care and gentleness that I had to capture the moment. It’s not a very good shot, but I’ll treasure it anyway.


Such a good teacher. Of course, goggles are a must.

I’m a pretty big sucker for my fluffy pink robe. Not only does it keep me warm and toasty, but I love how it feels when my sweet baby and I are together enveloped. I’ll spare you a photo of me in the robe; it’s not pretty, I promise. Sometimes I wish I could wear it all day long, but I think that’s weird.

Quick question: What do you think when you see a parent being silly with his/her child? It makes me think of relaxation, of responsibilities put aside for the moment, of fun. I’m not too good at those things, so maybe that’s why I get all sentimental when I see my husband playing with our boys. They’re loud, usually they aren’t wearing shirts (or pants?), and pillows often fly when they play. I love it, and I never like to interrupt it either. The boys love to wrestle with their Daddy. He is their jungle gym.


Not exactly a jungle gym moment, but I absolutely adore the look on Stephen’s face.

Colored pens. They make me feel like I have a rainbow inside. I love colors when I write! Staying away from the writing utensil aisle at Target is wise for me. Buy all the colored pens! This is a particular kind of happy place where we find the unicorns and cotton candy clouds. I ❤ colored pens and markers!


You might think I have a problem, but each set has a unique responsibility. It’s true.

It’s the small things. Now it’s your turn: what small things make you feel thankful? Ready? GO!




  1. Larissa Arias · January 21, 2016

    I like when it’s really cold, Ronnie will let me put my cold feet on him.

    I love that even though my baby is 4, he still does that sucking motion in his sleep. It’s the cutest.

    I love that God cares about me so much. Even in the littlest things. You know those cookie earrings I got just last Friday? Well, I got home Tuesday and one was gone. I was so sad! I looked outside, in the car, all over the house, in my clothes. I was talking to my Father about it and telling Him how sad I was and I hoped I’d miraculously find it. And I did! He did that for me. It was under my chair at work. That rolls. It’s a separate blessing that I didn’t roll over it and break it.

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    • Ashley B · January 21, 2016

      That’s incredible! It’s the small things!


  2. Gena · January 21, 2016

    The moment the kids walk in the door after getting off the bus. The first thing they do is give me hugs and kisses and talk about thier day. They each climb in my lap and just cuddle. Before the stress of homework or the hungry monster emerged or they start fighting, just that sweet moment that they are excited to see me. I know all too soon that moment will be gone.

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  3. thereluctantnaturalmom · January 24, 2016

    -clean laundry piles! I do so much laundry but it reminds me that the kids are taken care of, I have a husband who works hard, and that we have the means to wash or wear whatever we want.
    -dirty dishes because that means my children ate a healthy meal



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