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This is actually a post I wrote way back on October 22nd before I knew what this blog would be about…before I knew what I would call my blog…before I even realized that I would be learning how to practice gratitude. Today seems like the perfect day to post about it! Warning…sappiness involved!

I have been awaiting this day for five months since I achieved the rank of Silver in my job with Young Living Essential Oils. I had to maintain that rank for three consecutive months in order to qualify, and I did it–by the grace of God and with the help of my incredible teammates (I’ll be the first to admit how much of a communal effort this job is!) and my favorite support person–my husband Stephen. Today is the day that I fly out to the Young Living Lavender Fields in Mona, Utah.  


June 2014 at a PSK Launch Party..this is only a small portion of my team. One day we’ll all be together in the same room!

You see, as I consider the events of the last 24 months of being a Lemon Dropper, I can’t help but smile and cry a little when I recall how much my husband has been invested in this business with me. On Christmas 2014, for example, Stephen surprised me with the very tablet upon which I am typing this entry. I love that he even knew how much I wanted to type on a keyboard and not on a touchscreen and provided that as well…it’s the small things!  

When we took our family vacation to Texas in May 2015 to show our kids the fun places he and I enjoyed visiting as kiddos and to celebrate Tiny Banana’s first birthday, Stephen gladly supported opportunities for me to meet with my business colleagues and to teach a couple of classes. He didn’t mind at all.


Part of my team in Texas. Praise God for friends and Tex-Mex! 


In August 2015,  my new friend in Texas purchased her Premium Starter Kit in the hopes of addressing several major issues but then struggled to understand and retain what I was teaching her and how to use her new investment. I ached to go see her in person and help her learn since computers aren’t easy for her to use. All I had to do was ask and Stephen said yes to my quick trip and his being solo for a weekend with two kids so I could go help my friend.

I heard about this weekend-long seminar called FUEL where I would meet hundreds of other crazy Lemon Droppers and get pumped full of tips to make this business work for our family, and Stephen said “yes” to my request to go to Orlando for a weekend. Alone. Without children. Seriously–that was really a big deal for this work-at-home/homeschooling mama! My mom flew out to help for a few days (thanks again, Momma!), and I had the privilege of meeting my leaders. It was incredible! 

I teach classes in my home, and that usually requires a babysitter (read: more than likely the baby is sleeping and the big boys are watching a DVD or two in another room); sometimes it means that Stephen has to evacuate the residence with our minions for several hours on a Saturday. And just like that they are gone on some adventure. Oh, and then there is the periodic Sunday night online classes that I help orchestrate, and that means I’m missing out on one of the two nights that I actually have to spend with my husband. He never complains, but I’m sure thankful that doesn’t happen often.

Now as I head to Salt Lake City for this Silver Retreat and gear up to meet other oil crazies like myself and learn about this amazing company that is actually paying for us to one out (you know–hotel, food, airline tickets, and even goodie bags–for real, how many companies do that?!), I am thankful once again for Stephen’s “yes’. He’s letting me go on another adventure and do something on my own. I’ll come home with more wisdom and excitement than when I left. I’ll also return with jet lag and exhaustion from sitting in seminars for an entire day and spending the second day out at the lavender farm that is so iconic to Young Living’s name. Still he lets me go, and he does it with a joyful heart.


Meeting D. Gary Young for the first time. I admit to feeling starstruck!

I’m trying not to well up with tears right now just thinking about this…my airline neighbors might think I’m nuts! My husband is amazing. He’s my sounding board for creative ideas and solutions, he listens when I’m stressed, he offers advice even when I don’t want it. Ha! I know there are many women out there who are power houses like to wave their flags of independence, but that’s not me. At all. I don’t want to do this business without my Stephen. I’m pretty confident that I wouldn’t be where I am today without his constant support.


Best. Day. Ever.


I really, really, really love this guy.


So this post is written with an attitude of gratitude as I think about how much Stephen has demonstrated servanthood to me by allowing me to run with this dream I have. 

Most days I still suck at having a grateful heart and therefore a joyful attitude. I am really thankful that you don’t have that problem, Stephen. I don’t know how you put up with me. You love me with such grace. You teach me so much about being the hands and feet of Jesus. Thank you for letting me dream big and for dreaming with me; you and our boys are my “Why”. I can’t wait to see the fruition of those dreams–together. What a blessing it is to be by your side, and this year we celebrate 10 years of marriage! I love you more all the time!


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  1. Larissa Arias · January 5, 2016

    Love it! What a great example of marriage you and Stephen are for others to witness! You’re an inspiration to me as you share your heart faithfully on here!

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